About this conference

Discussion and sharing of ideas on the new norm of umrah and tourism in Saudi Arabia. The Conference which is organised by Shahidah Travel & Tours Singapore. We invited our main speaker from Saudi Tourism Authority Mr Morad Tayebi to share on the opening of Saudi Tourism, will be joined by several Saudi Travel Agencies, Discover Saudia, Al Shitaiwi Tours, Alboraq Travel, Palm Land Tours, Amazing Tours.

We want to celebrate the opening of Saudi Tourism on 17th May offering of eVisa .

Hj Ayoob were privileged to be in the business mission together with President Halimah’s visit to Saudi Arabia in November 2019. In this delegation, we met Singapore Enterprise Director in Saudi, Mr Zuraimi Naharudin. He was together with the Singapore Business Federation delegation, arranged us to visit various ministries. One of the ministries was Ministry of Tourism which at that time has no Director. Now there is a new Director and Zuraimi connected us with Mr Morad Tayebi Director Far East Asia Australia, giving us a lot of information and he is excited to share all of us about Saudi.

Hj Ayoob excited to  share with all friends in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia and with this efforts may Allah bring back the glory of Haj and Umrah.

This picture was taken in November 2019 during Business Mission Delegation in Jeddah with Singapore President Halimah Yacob.

Conference Moderator

Hj Ayoob Angullia

Managing Director of Shahidah Travel & Tours Pte Ltd

Supported by:

Rosila Salim

Director of Admin

Supported by:

Wan Zahara Abdul Alim

Financial Controller

Featured Speakers

Morad Tayebi

Director of Far East Asia & Australia, Saudi Tourism Authority.

Fahad Al Obailan

Vice President of Discover Saudia

Turki Al- Saed

General Manager of Palm Land Tours

Alan El Khoury

CEO of Al Boraq Travel

Imad M Sulaiman

Managin Director of Al- Shitaiwi Tours

Meteb Al- Mahmoud

Amazing Tours 

Organised by Shahidah Group of Companies